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Men's Mental Health

Eb Jjules creative content is not to be perceived as, or relied upon in any way, as medical advice, mental health or nutritional advice. If you are in crisis, please reach out to a medical professional and/or call 911 for immediate support.

What Does Men's Mental Health Look Like?

Mental health and mental illness are different things.

Mental health is the state of your psychological and emotional well-being.

Mental illness is characterized by alterations in thinking, mood or behaviour associated with significant distress and impaired functioning.

It is important to recognize changes in behaviour which could be an indicator of a mental illness and a visit to a medical professional for a proper diagnosis would be something to suggest

  • Behaviour changes could be (but not an exhaustive list)

    • Eating habits

    • Lack of self care

    • Extreme mood swings (highs and lows)

    • Not spending time doing the things that they use to love doing

How To Be Supportive of Your Partner

  • Watch for changes in behaviour

  • Encourage your partner to talk about what’s bothering him (whether to you or to a health care professional)

  • Stay aware, but keep space, but don’t dwell

  • Make sure to look after yourself

  • Research resources

  • Be prepared to have tough conversations. Remember it’s not about you.

  • Research resources

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